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 Skill Set


All phases of application development: Analysis, Design, Programming and Testing in the U2 and like environments. Training, Documentation, Database Administration. Project Leadership

Data Bases

Unidata, Universe, Pick, Advanced Revelation, SQL

Operating Systems

W2003, W2000,  HP UX, UNIX, AIX, Pick Operating System, Windows (DOS/ 05/98/NT/2000/XP)

Microsoft Office

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher

Application Experience

A/P, A/R, Banking, Bill of Materials, Conversions, Data Migration, Disaster Recovery, G/L, Insurance, Interfaces and Import and Export of data, Marketing, Payroll, Purchasing, Sales, Support, Tax


Banking and Finance, Government, Insurance, Manufacturing, Power Distribution, Smelting, Superannuation, Telecommunications

Project Leadership

Business requirements, Documentation, Specs, Project management, Programming, Testing and implementation